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The Advantages of a Bin Rental Over Junk Removal

If you’re reading this on a computer sitting atop a stack of stuff that’s crowding you out of the house, you have two options: a bin rental or a junk removal service.

Yes, it’s time to reclaim your home from all the stuff that’s cluttering it. But what’s the best, most cost-effective way to do that? Doing it yourself using your regular garbage pick up or taking things to the dump isn’t an option unless you’re ready for the job to last all summer and/or involve countless trips to the local recycling centre.

Considerations When Choosing Bin Rentals Versus Junk Removal

Before you make any final decisions, take the following into consideration.

1. You Can Keep a Rental Bin for a Number of Days

Hiring a junk removal service means you need to be ready to go when they are. In other words, you work to their schedule. Standard bin rentals include 5 days of container usage and you can extend that if you like. In other words, bin rentals let you declutter your home on your own schedule.

2. Less Costly

When you rent a bin, you’re not paying the labour costs of the people who remove your junk, which is something you may be able to do yourself.

3. No Strangers in Your House

Do you really want people you don’t know walking all over your home and/or yard and to go through your stuff (even if it is junk)?

4. Potentially Less Work

Some people like the idea of not having to do all the work, so they hire a junk removal company. But, unless you actually do want strangers picking through your belongings, you’ll still have to gather together all the stuff you want to get rid of. If you’re doing that anyway, why not ‘gather’ it in a rental bin and forget about hiring anybody.

One More Advantage: you can quickly and easily reserve your rental bin online. Visit to learn more.